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our_sweet_boys's Journal

...that's when Billy would take me walkin'
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5 minute casino parties, a few good men, afgm, another number, austin, bigmacs for breakfast, billy, billy/paulie, black velvet, bowlegged, bud light, captain morgan diet coke, christian kane dreams, crazies, crazy love, curtain rage, dancing with danneel, dfwcon, dusty's secret riley love, elevators that talk, extracookie: the plan master, fcuk the barbies, fighting vegetables, fisty!dance ftw, flasky flasks, front row, gabe!, hat porn, in your eyes, intensen, intervention, jared is greater-than jensen, jared padalecki, jason manns, jb jensen wednesday, jenny says, jensen ackles, jensen's buzzcut, jensen/ed, journey, justy ftw, kansas crazy, making sex in public, man cleavage, margaritas, michael fucking rosenbaum, napkin art, nelly in st. louie, omglookathispackage, only 19 months, padalapdance please, padalecki paws, padapackage, peeky curls, peeky curls ftw, perfect white teeth, play miss you bitch, porky jesus, porky jesus ftw!, road trips, rockstars, rosey, scott, sex or bff, shiner bock, skins, teh cockles, tequila shots anyone, the ramen diet, the rosenbaum, twangy equals awkward, we will karaoke, yed equals creepy, your love